About Me

Hey there, I am Debajyoti Das. People call me Deb.


I am currently working as a product manager at Salesforce, building platform-based industry applications.

Before Salesforce, I started working as a software developer at Oracle, building platform products for the insurance and hospitality industry.
After growing from a software engineer to a tech lead, I transitioned into a technical product management role. Then, I worked briefly for a startup leading product management for self-service applications for the energy and utility industry.  

More details on my LinkedIn profile.
You can reach out to me at hello[at]deb.xyz or use the contact form below.


Apart from work, I like to try out hobbies. Like volunteering through NCC and corporate activities, latte art, painting, photography, and public speaking via Toastmasters. Currently, I wanted to renew my fondness for writing articles here.

During my college days, I was actively blogging tech and some may know me from Snaphow (a tech blog with 15k+ subscribers at that time) and Orkut Underground community.

You can connect with me on Twitter (deb_xyz) and/or IG (deb.xyz)